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Never Dull Productions’ partners bylines have appeared in:

The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Credits, Make-Up Artist Magazine, Mental_Floss, Video Business, Premiere Magazine, DVD Premiere, Dance Studio Life,, Content Agenda, BackStage, BackStage West, Movie Times Magazine, Amusement Business, Golf Digest, Markee, In Motion, Cue Magazine, Screen Actor Magazine, Point of View, Portland Monthly and Prime of Your Life.

Chris Koseluk has contributed to such newspapers as The San Francisco Chronicle, The Portland Oregonian, The Houston Chronicle, New York Newsday, The Los Angeles Times Syndicate and the L.A. Reader.


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In addition, partner Chris Koseluk contributed to The Blockbuster Video Guide and served as photo editor on King of Comedy, Rat Pack Confidential and Love and Hisses. He also worked with Project Marketing, a specialty publishing firm, as its Managing Editor on a series of tributes honoring such entertainment industry legends as Sidney Poitier, George Lucas, Harry Belafonte, Martin Scorsese, Robert Altman and John Frankenheimer.


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