Never Dull Productions


Never Dull Productions established the video gallery for The Theatre Museum, New York State's first and only chartered museum dedicated to theatre education, promotion, and historical preservation.

    Part I

  Awards Gala Highlights                                       


  featuring the music of                                        

  Lifetime Achievement Honorees                           


  Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman                    

First Day Highlights

Second Day Highlights

The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Magazine


Never Dull Productions produced, shot, and edited two ten-minute videos spotlighting the Conference which featured such prestigious speakers as Oliver Stone, Olivia Newton John, Melissa Etheridge, Bill Condon, and Danny Elfman.  

   Part II

   Honorees Presentation:

   Leon Embry

   President & CEO Samuel French, Inc.


   Jonathan Bank

   Artistic Director  The Mint Theater  Company

   Theatre History Preservation Award


The Theatre Museum Awards for Excellence

Honoring the Sherman brothers

Highlights of The Theatre Museum’s

Grand Showboat Weekend

A celebration of the unique American entertainment form - the showboat - featuring jugglers, musicians, acrobats, calliope music, and a performance of “Ten Nights in a Barroom” by the Showboat Players

The Theatre Museum Awards for Excellence

Honoring Ellen Burstyn


   Never Dull Productions